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Help Yourself As You Facilitate Others To Create the Lives They Want

The only coaching program with its own yoga practice, Destination Satori provides ongoing business and marketing support to help you develop a thriving practice that truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

Going through the Satori Lifestyle Coaching program requires a desire and commitment to helping others. Becoming a certified Satori Coach requires that you first go through the coaching program to get a deep understanding of how it works and fully integrate its core values into your own life. Our coaches in training are ready to transform their own lives, and are introduced to the program because they are searching for something unique with proven results for themselves as entrepreneurs and for their clients.

 The Only Coaching Program with Its Own Yoga Practice

The Satori path is unique. It will take you on a journey that examines your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms for a truly balanced and fulfilling life. It will take you from a path of fear back to your original state of love, and help you create a world based on strength, inner wisdom, and joy.  It is the only coaching program with its own yoga practice with specific breathing, stretching, strengthening, and meditative exercises to reinforce what is learned in each of the 16 coaching sessions.

Experiencing the program firsthand will give you the insight you will need to see whether becoming a coach is an appropriate next step for you. Once you have made the commitment to becoming a coach, here’s what the coaching certification program will give you:

  • A way to clarify and live your life on purpose with clear goals and direction
  • A fulfilling career path that enhances your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • A supportive core business environment with the marketing tools you will need to attract clients and build your practice
  • A specific program with products you can offer your clients to enhance their practice
  • A support team to help you address your clients’ needs
  • A listing on the Destination Satori website with a direct link to your email address

There is no commitment beyond the initial coaching program. As a matter of fact, we require that you go through the coaching yourself before committing to being certified so you can be sure this is the right path for you.

Coaching Program

  • 16 sessions – $2,400 with Founder Carol Gutzeit

Once you have completed the coaching program and have decided you would like to become a Certified Satori Coach, you will go through the 16-week training program.

Certification Training

  • 16 Sessions / $2,400
  • Oral and written exam
  • Licensing and support – $500 per year

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Coaching Certification