Are You Ready to Live the Life of Your Dreams?

When you are ready to manifest what you truly want – to experience in the physical world what you imagine in your heart, mind and spirit – Satori Lifestyle Coaching will guide you with the tools and insights you need to create it. Whatever your goal, whether it is to create optimum health and well-being, loving relationships, financial abundance, a deeply rewarding career, or simply a joyful, satisfying life, changes will occur organically as we work together to:

  • Identify Core Beliefs
  • Eliminate Blocks
  • Find Clarity
  • Set Intentions
  • Strengthen a New Perspective
  • Align Your Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit
  • Become a Powerful Attraction Magnet
  • Achieve Your Desired Outcome

How Does Satori Lifestyle Coaching Differ from Other Coaching Programs?

In order to bridge the gap between our dreams and our reality, we must first be willing to accept that we are responsible for creating it. We may not be able to control what happens to us, but we must investigate our thinking around what happens and manage our response to it in order to generate results that are rooted in awareness rather than old patterns of reactive behavior. Thus begins the process of creating the life you desire.

Destination Satori’s programs and products are designed to support a life-altering process to achieve your goals. We offer a safe environment for exploring your core beliefs around money, relationships, self-worth, health, and fitness, among others, and give you the tools to set up a daily practice to manage your physical and mental energy productively, break old patterns and release blocked energy that may be keeping you stuck in past experiences or afraid of future uncertainty. Satori is the only coaching program that has its own yoga practice to support your total well-being. We also provide you with a supportive community of people you can turn to when confusion or fear distract you from achieving your goals.

Choose 16-weeks or Single Sessions

To truly transform your life from its present state where you may be experiencing stress, doubt, fear or worry on a regular basis, we recommend the 16-week coaching program. Divided into four parts – Physical Balance, Mental Wholeness, Emotional Harmony, and Spiritual Freedom – the 16-week program aligns and balances your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions in order to address specific issues and move you past them to a new dynamic.

If you simply want to address a specific issue, coaching is also available on a per session basis without any long-term commitment. We often work in this way with clients who have already been through the 16-week program if they find they need additional support.

For your convenience, the coaching program can be completed by phone, online, or in person to suit your particular needs and geographical location. To get started, click here to fill out a brief lifestyle questionnaire and receive your first coaching session FREE. There’s no obligation so click here to get started.

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“Satori Yoga and Satori Coaching provides me with an invaluable perspective on my own life, and undoubtedly helps me to tap into the loving kindness necessary to enjoy every experience and interaction.” 
- Matthew Walsh, Principal, Evergreen High School

““Satori Living was my first foray into yoga and addressing balance in my life in a conscious way. I am 60 years old, been a healthcare executive for 35 years, yet this was not something I ever contemplated doing. But after having business connections with Carol I decided to give her 16-week coaching program a try. I saw benefits almost immediately. Things I have wanted began to happen in terms of health, business, personal relationships… the list goes on. There is a wonderful combination of the practical and the transcendent in her perspective. The yoga practice was invigorating and as challenging as I wanted to make it. But most of all there is a willingness with Carol to meet me wherever I am be that skepticism, enthusiasm, cynicism or joy. I can’t think of another program (or person) that is so accepting of who you are and an acknowledgement that you can get what you want with a little focus and practice. If you are a busy professional I can’t recommend her 16-week coaching sessions highly enough. I have introduced my even more skeptical son to Satori because as a parent I want him to tap into all he already possesses. Thanks Carol.”
– Scott Marber, SVP Sales & Marketing, Talix, Inc. (formerly Healthline)


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