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Although we can’t control everything that happens in our lives, we can investigate our thinking around it, manage our response, and influence the outcome. Are you ready to embrace change and manifest the life you imagine for yourself?

Rooted in the philosophy that we need a balance among our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions in order to live in harmony with ourselves and others, Satori Lifestyle Coaching begins with a free assessment to reveal which of these areas needs attention. The assessment uncovers your core beliefs which are the driving force behind every decision you make and the things you attract. And it gives us the tools we need to help you unblock the energetic flow towards optimum health, a loving relationship, financial abundance, or any number of other desires you might have.

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    Carol Gutzeit, Founder

    Carol created Satori Lifestyle Coaching and Satori Yoga to help people balance their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies, and achieve fully enriched, deeply satisfying,  joyful lives. Her unique programs have been transforming people’s lives since 1989 when she started Satori Hawaii, Inc., a corporate fitness company that specialized in stress reduction and team-building. As a corporate trainer and motivational speaker, Carol has addressed large audiences for such companies as: Pitney Bowes, Home Depot, Verifone, UPS, Ampol, and McDonald’s. She has led seminars and training programs for public and private schools, government agencies, travel resorts, spas and health clubs. Her stress reduction program, Energetics, has been featured on Hawaiian Airlines as part of their in-flight entertainment. As head Satori Coach and Certification Trainer, Carol has worked with hundreds of private clients who have experienced life-altering results.

    “I am passionate about reaching as many people as possible with this transformational program and I love to train people who want to become coaches.”

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    Stacey Bickler, Vice President

    A partner and vice president with Destination Satori LLC, Stacey is a certified Satori Lifestyle Coach, Satori Yoga Instructor and Satori Yoga Certification Trainer. In addition to coaching private clients by phone or in person, she also teaches Satori Yoga at Studio B in Evergreen, Colorado. Stacey is also a Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, ACE Personal Trainer and a Holistic Health Practitioner.  In addition to teaching Satori Yoga, she has taught Hatha yoga, fitness boot camps, and kickboxing, and has worked for the Evergreen Recreation District as a yoga and fitness instructor. Stacey’s passion for helping people led her to Destination Satori where she coaches private clients and trains other yoga instructors to become Satori Yoga teachers.

    “I am on a quest to help people remember who they really are and connect them to how powerful they are by learning to live from a place of love rather than fear.”
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    Julianne Nadeau

    Julianne has been a certified fitness professional for more than eight years. She teaches Zumba, a high-energy, Latin-inspired, calorie burning, dance-fitness “party”, and Silver Sneakers, an innovative exercise and wellness program developed for older adults who want to get fit, have fun and make friends. Juli is a graduate of the Academy of Holistic Fitness where she studied mind-body techniques to reduce stress and help people find meaning in their lives. When Juli met Carol Gutzeit, she felt an immediate connection to her role as a Satori Lifestyle Coach, and her desire to guide people to achieve their unlimited potential.

    “I joyfully step into this service with an open and clear heart, to bring this amazing program to as many people as possible.”
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    Annie “Nia” Waesche

    Annie has been a certified massage therapist, yoga teacher, and Nia Brown Belt instructor for more than 13 years. Certified through the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), Yoga Alliance, and the Nia Technique, Annie has a passion for sharing the joy of self-healing through movement. Through years of personal experience, she has seen the benefits of breathwork, yoga and self-massage, all components of the Satori program. When Annie met Carol Gutzeit, she knew that she had found the perfect program to help others find their inner peace, wisdom and personal power. After finishing the Satori program, Annie began to watch a wonderful shift occur in her life and felt compelled to help others create this shift in their lives.

    “It is my desire to guide others to rediscover their personal power to find balance, wholeness, harmony, and freedom.”

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    Lisa Havlik
    Lisa’s Satori journey began 12 years ago when she entered her first yoga class. There was an immediate spark, but it hadn’t yet been defined. The flame of awakening had been ignited, but it was a slow burn during her fast paced, high-stress, corporate lifestyle in public relations in New York City. While this experience was full and inspiring, a large question mark seemed to be looming. What am I really doing here? What is my passion in life? Is this the life I am meant to be living? A leap of faith swept up her big city life, and dropped her off in Winter Park, CO, in the fall of 2009. After about two years of letting the dust settle, Lisa was serendipitously introduced to Destination Satori. That’s when things really started to take off. Now a successful entrepreneur and co-owner of Via Vitae, a yoga lifestyle, event and retreat company, Lisa defines work as fun and a means to develop her passions. And she hasn’t looked back!

    “The coaching program taught me to understand and trust my intuition, and gave me clarity and permission to follow my dreams. It is an amazing thing to be able to ride the waves of the universe! This shift is possible for everyone. We can shed our old beliefs and shift our perceptions to see the world for the great beautiful place that it is. We don’t have to move across the country, quit our jobs, or make a huge change in our physical world to make this happen. There are more subtle shifts that can take place. And I want to share with you the tools to write your own Satori story!”

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    Melinda Grace
    Melinda Besse is a Certified Satori Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Master, Shamanic Healing Practitioner, 200+ Hour Yoga Instructor and founder of Anchor & Bloom, a Spiritual Lifestyle Studio in Winter Park, Colorado. Once an Owner and Operator of the largest snowmobile adventure in Colorado exploring the gorgeous outer wilderness on the Continental Divide, Melinda now enjoys guiding others to embark on a spiritual adventure to explore their inner wilderness, to remember their raw, authentic, free selves without roles, expectations, emails and to-do lists. She combines the principles of Satori Lifestyle Coaching with Energy Healing to clear limiting beliefs, toxic imprints and disempowering stories to bring back balance to the body, mind, soul and spirit. Melinda’s joy is to help you anchor and bloom, get grounded and grow, to transform your inner map so your present world becomes your beautiful destination. Melinda lives in the Rocky Mountains with her two little free spirits, Ryder Kai and Ryan Lily.

    “Satori has helped me live more in my natural state and it feels great! I pay more attention to my emotions and get back to a place of love rather than fear. I am more grateful for everything in my life and I have found my spiritual path.”

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    Sammie Bickler
    Sammie found Satori at the young age of 19 and it has been her personal daily practice for over three years now. As a result of her practice, Sammie has evolved from living in fear to living a loving, powerful, and confident life. Her passion for this journey is indescribable! She is committed to sharing the Satori Lifestyle Program and her personal transformation as a guide for others to awaken and evolve into their true selves. As a mother of one, licensed cosmetologist, Satori Lifestyle Coach and Satori Yoga Teacher, at the age of 23 she is excited about what the future holds and about helping others on their journey to awakening! Sammie offers one-on-one coaching at the Satori Yoga Center in Evergreen, CO.

    “Satori is a self-loving practice that has allowed me to connect and care for my body, mind, heart and soul. It has given me the tools and the power to decide what it is I want to commit to.  And I am excited to be helping others find their power!”

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    Lisa Smith
    Lisa has always held an interest in helping people. She started her own journey of self-discovery and healing while studying psychology and then working with patients for over eight years as a counselor.  The old saying “healer heal thyself” held very true when Lisa’s life turned upside down in 2001. She was in two car accidents within six months, leading to multiple surgeries and years of various struggles.  After her own experience with acupuncture and herbal medicine she realized that was her calling and committed to the healing art of oriental medicine.  When Lisa started her acupuncture practice in Evergreen over five years ago and met Carol, she knew Satori was a natural complement to the work she was doing.  Lisa believes that everyone’s challenges are equally important, and deserve unique attention and respect. As a Satori Lifestyle Coach and acupuncturist, Lisa provides a safe, non-judgmental environment that supports the patient’s inner healing and growth. Her goal is for individuals to be cared for, listened to, and educated.Lisa and her family love to spend time outdoors. She believes in the power of connecting to spirit and feels most connected when in nature.She also enjoys Crossfit, meditation, yoga and is trained to give diksha blessings. Her hope as a life coach is to inspire a better quality of life and well-being though balance and the integration of mind, body, spirit.

    I have spent years in the counseling field and have had many years of counseling and trauma work myself.  Nothing was as effective and long lasting as the Satori Lifestyle Coaching program.  It is empowering and enlightening and leaves you feeling so excited about life!  I have been able to manifest things in my life that I was told were not possible.  I am honored to be able to share this with others and never get tired of seeing how people’s lives positively change for good.

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    Kathryn Mitchem

    As the Director of Studio B Yoga and Movement Center in Evergreen, CO, Kathryn has been busy teaching classes and meeting awesome people through the studio, leading Yoga Teacher Trainings and coaching clients to take Yoga off the mat and into life through the Satori Yoga Lifestyle 16-week coaching program. When she’s not hanging out at the front desk, you will find her snuggling, laughing, and playing in the Colorado sunshine with her three little people ages 11, 9 and 7. After studying and teaching Mind/Body Movement classes and retreats for the past 15 years, her most recent projects also involve helping Yoga instructors, Healing Professionals, Teachers and other dedicated practitioners discover the Satori Professional Certification program as the new Destination Satori Director of LIcensing. She is also working on her first two books: The Mindful Divorce: Grace and Growth in the 1st year of Separation, and 10 Minutes to Bliss: A Powerful 3-step Process to Inner Peace. Discover more about what she’s up to these days, get more info about Satori and receive your free one hour Yoga Lifestyle coaching session at

    “I want to live in a world where everyone takes at least ten minutes a day to let go of Fear, connect to the energy of Love, imagine Peace and PLAY!”
  • Kristi Kohnke

    The driving question at the forefront of Kristi’s mind has always been, “How may I serve?”. She majored in psychology and political science, hoping to find a path to service. Life took a different turn and she married and started raising a wonderful family. As her kiddos grew and were in school full time the question of service started popping up more frequently. She focused more on volunteering and running a thriving consulting firm with her husband. Still the question felt unanswered. Then she found Satori. While going through the lifestyle coaching program she reconnected to her true self and found the absolute peace she had always desired as well as her path to service. As a Certified Satori Lifestyle Coach and Yoga Instructor, she is honored to be able to share this program with others and help them find their own path to this amazing awakening. Kristi teaches Satori Yoga at Studio B in Evergreen CO and is available for private coaching sessions. Check out her website at

    “I have reconnected with my bliss through Satori and the only desire I have left is to help others do the same!”

    Stephanie Denney

    Satori has truly awakened me to a completely balanced life full of love and perfect harmony. I can close my eyes at night and reflect on my inner peace, my inner strength, and feeling the peace of inner joy that Satori has brought into my life. My wish is to use all of my energies, to continue to develop myself; to expand my heart out to others; and to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. Nothing can dim the light that shines within. I invite you to allow me to share the discovery of the amazing Satori Lifestyle; A Journey to Self Discovery.”
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    Kimberly Keller-Johnson

    Kimberly grew up in Connecticut and lived in Switzerland for the majority of her 20’s.  She has lived in St. Louis for 20 years. Kimberly Keller-Johnson’s expertise stems from her holistic-centered concepts of care for the body, mind and spirit.  Forming these values at a very early age while absorbing the European culture around her, and its focus on natural health, led her to bridge her interests in holistic, natural health with that of exercise and fitness platforms that help create optimum health. Kimberly holds certifications from ISSA in personal training, wellness and coaching, Balanced Body Pilates, Piloxing and kettleweight training and rehabilitation.  Her latest certifications include Satori Lifestyle Coaching, The Exercise Coach personal training, and Vinyasa Yoga.

    I believe that challenges are gifts. There is no such thing as a bad day.  My day may be difficult sometimes but it’s an opportunity to learn and use my Satori tools. Meeting Carol was the turning point in my life. It’s when I went from victim to Goddess. That’s what Satori Lifestyle Coaching offers us; dynamic balance.”
  • Lisa Kodner

    Lisa Kodner

    As a Lifestyle Coach, I am blessed to help others come back to a natural state of joy with physical balance, mental wholeness, emotional harmony and spiritual freedom.”