Posted November 11, 2016
Author Carol Gutzeit Announces the Release of Fantasy Novel
“Princess Gaia and the Kingdom of Satori” to Take Readers on a New Quest with a Surprising Twist

(Evergreen, CO) –What happens when destiny is more powerful than death? What happens when fate is determined and not predetermined?  Founder of Destination Satori and creator of Satori Lifestyle Coaching and Satori Yoga, Author Carol Gutzeit answers these questions with the release of her first fantasy novel on November 11, 2016.  She captures the internal and external conflict of her characters as they interact with mystical and magical characters in Princess Gaia and the Kingdom of Satori.

The novel’s main character is Princess Gaia, a young woman coming of age and falling in love for the first time.  She begins to see the world in which she lives with new eyes. She begins to feel the weight of the future on her shoulders. Why is there fighting? Why must she choose? Is she worthy? Is there another way? Gutzeit interweaves a compelling story keeping with traditional fantasy writers who blend myth, legends and folklore with a hint of reality.

Gutzeit’s storyline is one of clashes between two worlds. Isabella Cousineau says, “Princess Gaia and the Kingdom of Satori is an inspiring, uplifting, eye-opening book that is exactly what young adults and teenagers like me need. Carol Gutzeit creates an engaging story and, within it, she teaches readers to have more peace, joy, prosperity and love. Along with a guide to help you become more connected to the four elements and yourself, you can’t help but feel lighter after reading this tale.”

Princess Gaia and the Kingdom of Satori will open new fans to the possibility of untapped inner power. For more information and to buy this book, please visit Amazon.  Carol Gutzeit the founder of Destination Satori LLC, a Lifestyle Coaching and Certification Company is available for interviews and appearances and can be reached at

Posted February 4, 2015
SATORI LIVING Book Signing at Studio B

(Evergreen, CO) — Destination Satori Founder and Author Carol Gutzeit will be at Studio B Yoga Center in Evergreen, CO, February 14, 2015 to autograph copies of her newest book, Satori Living: How to Create a Balanced Life That You Love. The event will be held on Valentine’s Day to remind people to practice self-love, one of the mainstays to creating a balanced life as described in her book.

The celebration includes a free Satori Yoga class at 10:30am with Satori Yoga Teacher Stacey Bickler followed by refreshments and an inspirational presentation offered by Carol who will be available to sign books until 2:00pm.

Studio B is located at 27905 Meadow Drive in Evergreen. For more information, contact KC Mitchem at 720.357.6023 or email her at

Posted January 29, 2015
Destination Satori Adds Professional Certification and Licensing Program

Evergreen, CO) – Destination Satori Founder and CEO Carol Gutzeit is pleased to announce that a comprehensive Professional Certification and Licensing Program is now available. The one-year, 200-hour program offers four certifications, each with its own unique Satori program. The first qualification offers a license to become a Satori Yoga teacher followed by certification as a Satori Lifestyle Coach, Satori Living Retreat Leader, and Online Group Coach for Satori’s “30 Days to a Balanced Life” program.

Satori Professional Certification and Licensing also offers a marketing course to ensure that their licensed affiliates are successful. Destination Satori offers ongoing Satori Yoga teacher training at Studio B in Evergreen, CO. The next teacher training is a five-day intensive scheduled for July 15 – 19. Classes fill up quickly so be sure to register soon.

The coaching certification can be completed in-person or over the phone with Carol Gutzeit. Certification as a retreat facilitator will be offered at a retreat location in September. The 30-day program and marketing course will be conducted online in November and December.

For more information go to or email

Posted October 15, 2013
YOGA HIGH FESTIVAL to Benefit the Flood Relief Fund
Established by Foothills United Way
This year’s Yoga High Festival will benefit victims of the recent flooding along the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The Flood Relief Fund established by Foothills United Way and underwritten by local corporations ensures that 100% of the monies raised goes directly to people in need. Destination Satori and Evergreen Parks & Recreation, co-producers of this year’s event, have decided to turn the 2nd Annual Yoga High Festival into a fundraiser for the local community. Scheduled for November 2, 2013 from 8:30am – 3:30pm, the all day event includes yoga classes, speakers, shopping and great food. Go to for details.

Posted September 26, 2013

Due to heavy rains and severe flooding in Evergreen and other Rocky Mountain communities last week, Yoga High Festival, originally scheduled for September 15th, was cancelled. Now rescheduled for November 2nd as a disaster relief fundraiser to help the local community rebuild, details for the day’s activities are quickly being revised.  More information will be available soon.  Go to for updates.

Posted August 12, 2013

This year’s Yoga High Festival promises to be big!  With more classes to choose from either in the tented lawn space or inside the main gathering conference room at Evergreen Lake House, there will be something for every level of yoga and interest around mind / body / spirit wellness.Yoga High is brought to you by Destination Satori in partnership with Evergreen Parks and Recreation from 9am until 3pm September 15, 2013.

The line-up of speakers and other entertainment includes:  Melissa Costello, touted as one of the Top Ten “Hottest” Chefs of 2011, author of The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook, and personal chef to Fitness Guru Tony Horton, will talk about food as a source of wellness. World renowned musician Jim Beckwith returns this year with his popular musical accompaniment and concert.  Destination Satori Founder Carol Gutzeit will talk about her passion for creating balance and how you can live a healthier, wealthier more joy infused life right now!  And author Larry Gottlieb will speak about being a conscious creator and the nature of reality, the theme of his new book, “The Seer’s Explanation.”

Get a jump on your Christmas shopping with our exciting new line up of vendors who will be selling jewelry, yoga wear, candles, soaps, lotions, scrubs, books, retreats and other wellness essentials.  A healthy lunch will be offered by  Keys on the Green for $12. Following the event, Keys will host a dinner with appetizers available from 4pm – 5:30pm. Guest Celebrity Chef Melissa Costello will do a cooking demonstration at 5:30pm using one of her recipes from her newly released cookbook.  Dinner will be available following Melissa’s demonstration.

Pay just $50 for the whole day when you register online in advance, or $65 at the door. Go to EPRD Online to register, or for more information go to or call (303) 601-1654.

Posted April 16, 2013

Destination Satori offers 25 hours of online Satori Yoga training in combination with 15 hours on retreat in Costa Rica. Online training begins September 2, 2013. Choose between November 30- December 6, 2013 or January 2 – 8, 2014 to complete your training in Costa Rica.

As the only yoga practice with its own coaching program, Satori Yoga provides the following business and marketing support to help you expand your healing practice of helping others:

  • Your bio with a link from our website to yours
  • Camera ready brand identity marketing materials
  • Books, DVDs, jewelry and other retail products for added revenue
  • Satori community support with workshops, seminars, retreats and events including our own annual yoga festival in Evergreen, Colorado
  • Option to become certified as a Satori Lifestyle Coach at a reduced rate

25 hours of Satori Yoga training will be conducted online. Once you have pre-registered by going to and clicking the PayPal button at the bottom of the page, you will be given your login information for the September 2nd start date. Destination Satori Partners Stacey Bickler and Founder Carol Gutzeit will train and show you how to integrate this truly transformational program into your practice to add value and expand your opportunities for increased abundance. After the online training is completed, you will be off to Costa Rica for a week of additional training and will leave the retreat with:

  • A Satori Yoga manual
  • Deck of Satori Yoga exercise cards
  • Online and camera ready marketing materials
    Satori Yoga DVD
  • Email and telephone access to Stacey and Carol
  • Ongoing business and Satori community support

In addition to the 15 hours of training, you have plenty of time for other activities and adventures while in Costa Rica. Swim, kayak and boogie board in the exquisite, clear Golfo Dulce just outside your door. Enjoy a variety of other activities including guided rainforest adventures in the neighboring 100,000-acre Corcovado National Park home to more than 1,000 species of trees, birds and mammals. Indulge in deluxe spa services or simply relax, meditate and read in a quiet, peaceful environment. Deepen your connection to the body, mind, heart, and spirit as you expand your awareness and find inspiration in daily Satori Yoga, group coaching and creative workshops. A variety of water adventures are at your disposal in the nearby town of Puerto Jimenez including whale shark (when you are lucky!) and dolphin watching, fishing and birding.

Enjoy beautiful accommodations in an intimate setting with an attentive staff, all for one low, inclusive price:  $1,950 (save $50 with deposit by May 10, 2013; not including airfare) per person includes:

  • Beautiful accommodations (double occupancy; add $55 per day for single occupancy; additional upgrades available upon request)
  • Satori Yoga and other yoga daily
  • One group Satori Lifestyle Coaching session per day
  • One inspiring workshop per day
  • Three healthy meals per day with fresh local ingredients
  • One spa service (choose from a 60-minute massage, scrub, wrap or body polish)
  • Guided silent meditation walk through the jungle
  • Unlimited use of pool, beach facilities and hiking trails
  • Free transfer to and from the airport
  • Taxes and gratuities

About Destination Satori. LLC
Based in Evergreen, CO, Destination Satori is a lifestyle fitness company with programs and products to integrate and support the body, mind, heart and spirit for optimal health and well-being. To register for the retreat or for more information go or contact Nancy Sloane at or call (561) 339-8613.

Pictured Left to Right

Graduates from the March Certification Training:
Nichole Gutzeit,
Stephanie and Sammie Bickler

Posted April 11, 2013

(Evergreen, CO) – The next Satori Yoga teacher training session will be offered May 3 -27, 2013 at the Satori Yoga Center in Evergreen, Colorado. Open to certified yoga instructors, this transformational yoga style gets you in shape physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to deepen your connection to the body, mind, heart and spirit.

Destination Satori Partner Stacey Bickler and Founder Carol Gutzeit recently started training and certifying yoga teachers who wanted to add this transformational practice to their roster of classes.  The only yoga to have its own coaching program, Satori Yoga has immediate and long lasting effects that have been shown to:

  • Improve mental acuity
  • Increase energy and motivation
  • Enhance physical fitness and flexibility
  • Heighten intuition
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Improve relationships
  • Increase financial abundance
  • Reduce stress
  • Promote optimum health and well-being
  • Create deep satisfaction and joy

Offered via classroom or online, the certification training is 40 hours which includes teaching a class. The cost for the May training is $1,000, or $950 with registration by April 19, 2013. Go to to register or for more information.

Online training begins September 2, 2013 with 25 hours completed online and 15 hours  on retreat in Costa Rica November 30 – December 6, 2013. For more information about online training and certification in Costa Rica go to

Destination Satori also provides unique business and marketing support to its certified Satori Yoga teachers and the studios, gyms or health spas in which they work. In addition to the benefits of the practice, along with your certification you will receive:

  • Space on the Destination Satori website for your bio with a link to your website
  • Camera ready brand identity marketing materials to help you grow your business of helping others
  • Books, DVDs, jewelry & other retail products for added revenue
  • Ongoing education and support in the form of workshops, seminars, retreats and events including an annual Satori Yoga festival
  • The option to become certified as a Satori Lifestyle Coach at a reduced rate

What People Are Saying…

 “I love Satori because it’s so much more than yoga – it’s about living life in a more balanced way. It’s a great way to stay connected physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”   
KATHY SMITH, Fitness Expert

“When I met Stacey and first practiced Satori Yoga, I was in a HUGE transition. I was lost and confused. With her guidance and the principals of Satori Yoga, I found peace in the hurricane of my life. With Stacey’s gentle guidance and thoughtful mantras, I was able to calm myself, guide myself and eventually trust myself. The winds and storms of life whip up around me and as long as I return to the mat and practice Satori Yoga, I am at peace. Stacey Bickler HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! Thank you, Stacey, I may never find the words to thank you enough. Thank you for sharing your gift.”
- PEGGY DUFFY, Certified Satori Yoga Lifestyle Coach and Massage Therapist

“I have tried many types of yoga and have enjoyed them all, but my all-time favorite is Satori Yoga!  I love the meditation part and also the Tibetan Rites. I am looking forward to the Singing Bowl Healing Therapy that Stacey is adding to the class. Satori Yoga is so much more than just a yoga class!”
            – DEBRA HUNDEMER, Satori Yoga Student

 ”Did you ever get the feeling that your life was out of control? I’ll bet you never even let the thought slow you down. Neither did I. Not until life knocked me down: an instant awakening. The Japanese call it Satori. I decided it was time to pay a little more attention to myself and the reckless, lopsided life I led. Carol Gutzeit put me on the road to a more harmonious existence. With Satori Lifestyle Fitness, she can do the same for you. Make the commitment!”
            – VALERIE VOSS, Former CNN Senior Meteorologist and TravelGuide Host

Satori Yoga and Satori Coaching provides me with an invaluable perspective on my own life, and undoubtedly helps me to tap into the loving kindness necessary to enjoy every experience and interaction.”
- MATTHEW WALSH, Principal, Evergreen High School

For more information go to or call 303-601-1654.

Posted April 10, 2013
Art Journaling Workshop for Non-artists Stimulates Creativity

What do you want to bring into your life? More love? Adventure? New ideas? Increased abundance? Whether you’re ready for increased abundance or want to tap into your creative source, join Nancy Sloane, vice president of Destination Satori for “Manifest Your Desires,” an art journaling workshop at the Satori Yoga Center in Evergreen Sunday, April 28, 2013, from 10am – 4pm.

Discussions will include: how to unblock the flow of ideas, building and maintaining an inspirational practice, and relaxation and other techniques for finding your voice. Using a variety of collage materials and techniques, this workshop is great for anyone looking to break free of linear thinking, routines or creative blocks to stimulate ideas. No artistic talent or experience required. Leave with a handmade journal to continue the flow of ideas.

About Destination Satori
Based in Evergreen, Colorado, Destination Satori is a lifestyle fitness company with programs and products to integrate and support the body, mind, heart and spirit for optimal health and well-being.

About Nancy Sloane
Formerly a photojournalist, and currently an outdoor photographer and collage artist, Nancy Sloane has served as creative director and graphic designer for Zoom IQ2, a full service advertising and communications firm for more than 20 years. After moving to Colorado two years ago, she joined Destination Satori as vice president of sales and marketing, and is responsible for creating their marketing materials and teaching creative workshops here in Colorado and on retreats around the world.

Cost: $95 (includes materials; suggested that you bring some kind of camera for photographing in the field – a cell phone is fine)
Register / More Info: (limited seating / early registration recommended)
Contact:  Nancy Sloane at or (561) 339-8613

Posted March 11, 2013
With a soft opening in January 2013, the Satori Yoga Center was established to provide yoga, lifestyle coaching and other wellness services to the people of Evergreen, Colorado and surrounding communities. Satori Yoga is offered at the center by Destination Satori LLC, a lifestyle fitness company that originated in Hawaii in 1989. The wellness center is managed by Partner Stacey Bickler who teaches Satori Yoga, and trains and certifies other yoga instructors to teach Satori Yoga. 40 hours of training are currently in progress with plans for another training session to begin May 3rd. A third training session will begin September 2nd with 25 hours of online training and 15 hours on retreat in Costa Rica November 30 – December 6, 2013.

Satori Yoga classes are currently available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Saturday classes will begin in April. For a complete schedule go to

Destination Satori produced a 90-minute Satori Yoga DVD at Greystone Estate in Evergreen last year which is available for purchase at the Satori Yoga Center along with tee shirts, posters, postcards, jewelry and other retail products that support the Satori mission of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual connection and balance. Satori Yoga is the only yoga practice with its own coaching program that supports and furthers the benefits of Satori Yoga to:

  • release stress
  • increase energy
  • inspire creativity
  • sharpen mental acuity
  • strengthen the body
  • increase flexibility and
  • enhance overall well-being

In addition to certifying Satori Yoga teachers, Destination Satori also trains and certifies people to become Satori Lifestyle Coaches. Located at 28677 Buffalo Park Rd., Evergreen, CO 80439, call (303) 601-1654 for more information.

Posted February 8, 2013

(Evergreen, CO) – Destination Satori is offering Satori Yoga certification to certified yoga teachers next month at the SATORI YOGA CENTER in Evergreen, CO.  Taught by Destination Satori Partner Stacey Bickler and Founder Carol Gutzeit, 40 hours of class will begin March 2, 2013 over the course of four weekends. To see a detailed class schedule go to

Satori Yoga is a complete workout for the body, mind, heart, and spirit. It is the only yoga practice with its own coaching program including books, DVDs, a supportive community, and an annual yoga festival at the Evergreen Lake House. Certified Satori Yoga teachers receive online marketing support and collateral materials to help them expand their existing yoga practice and reach students on a deeper level for optimum well-being.

Destination Satori will also be offering the training online to those who cannot attend the March class in person. Online yoga training will begin in the fall and completed at the Iguana Lodge retreat destination in COSTA RICA.  For details go to

“We are so excited to be able to offer this training here locally in Colorado, but also on a global level with the launch of our new website,” said Destination Founder Carol Gutzeit. “We are passionate about helping people live joy-infused, healthy, abundant lives and Satori Yoga is one of the many tools we offer to help them make that happen.”

Any yoga studio or health club that offers Satori Yoga will receive a listing on the Destination Satori website’s “Find a Satori Yoga Studio” along with other brand support.

For more information or to sign up for the class call (303) 601-1654 or go to

Posted January 25, 2013

(Evergreen, CO) – Nancy Sloane, vice president of Destination Satori will be leading a series of creative workshops beginning with “Unleash Your Creative Voice Through Art Journaling ” on April 28, 2013 at the Satori Yoga Center in Evergreen, Colorado.

This workshop will help people create a unique and powerful tool for unleashing their creative voice by utilizing a variety of media including photography, painting and collage.

“Art Journaling is an amazing tool for discovering what’s going on with the subconscious mind,” Sloane said.  “Everyone needs a way to express their desires, emotions and inspirations. This class is particularly useful for those who are looking for clarity, inspiration, or are uncomfortable expressing themselves creatively. When we release judgments about ourselves, we tap into an unlimited well of creative inspiration that we can apply in every area of our lives.”

This workshop is for people who want to kick start their creative energy, connect to their inner voice, discover inspiration, and find ways to communicate their ideas in a balanced interplay of words and images. This one-day class will include time out in the field, discussions, and hands-on journaling with tools for continue a creative practice.  The class is $115 and includes all materials however, participants are encouraged to bring a camera of some sort – anything to record images in the field.

Nancy Sloane is an artist / photographer / writer and marketing consultant with a Bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of South Florida where she majored in photojournalism. She worked as a photojournalist for five years in South Florida before starting her own advertising agency. She has been the agency’s creative director and graphic designer for more than 20 years, and has received numerous awards for her photography and graphic design work.  She joined Destination Satori and moved to Boulder in 2011, and  continues to serve her marketing clients in Colorado and South Florida as president of Zoom IQ2 Advertising, Marketing and Communications.

For more information or to register for the class, contact Nancy Sloane at or call (561) 339-8613.
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