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There is nothing more important than health and well-being, and without balance, stressful experiences can wreak havoc on your body, mind, heart, and spirit. This program will help you leap out of old paradigms that may be keeping you stuck, and teach you how to carve out space for those things that support a balanced life. See your mind relax, your relationships flourish, abundance manifest, and your health improve as you learn to manage stress, nurture your well-being, and establish new routines that support your physical and emotional body.

“Carol Gutzeit put me on the road to a more harmonious existence…
She can do the same for you. Make the commitment!”

- Valerie Voss, Former CNN Senior Meteorologist and TravelGuide Host


Satori at anchor in grenada Satori at Anchor in Grenada

After going through the program while on retreat in Hawaii, Valerie decided to retire early
and travel around the world with her husband. They named their sailboat “Satori.”

book cover

Available since 1989, Carol Gutzeit’s Satori Lifestyle Program has helped Valerie and thousands like her transform their lives. Now available with live coaching support, “30 Days to a Balanced Life” accelerates the changes Carol covers in her book, “Satori Living: A Return to Balance, Wholeness, Harmony & Freedom.”

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How to Reduce Stress and Restore Balance

Your emotions are gifts! They are doorways to learning and greater success in every area of your life. Even if you go from one emotional or physical extreme to the other, you eventually come back to center and find your balance. Stressful events and experiences can throw us off balance. With a daily practice and healthy habits, you will learn to release stored tension, increase energy and move through difficult feelings with grace to become more confident, joyful and empowered.

lisa smith2“I’ve spent years in the counseling field and have had many years of counseling and trauma work myself.  Nothing was as effective and long lasting as the Satori Lifestyle Coaching program with Carol Gutzeit.”

– LISA SMITH, Acupuncturist and Satori Lifestyle Coach
The old saying “healer heal thyself” held very true when Lisa’s life turned upside down in 2001. She was in two car accidents within six months, leading to multiple surgeries and years of various struggles.  After her own experience with acupuncture and herbal medicine she realized that was her calling and committed to the healing art of oriental medicine. She started her acupuncture practice in Evergreen, CO in 2008 and became a Satori Lifestyle Coach in 2013. “This program is empowering and enlightening and leaves you feeling so excited about life! I have been able to manifest things in my life I was told were not possible. Thank you Carol!” 

What’s Stopping You? 

Picture, for a moment, what would be possible if you suddenly had more energy, clarity, passion, and greater peace of mind? What if your body, mind, heart, and spirit were aligned in a way that made you feel supported and clear about your decisions with the strength, flexibility, and endurance to manage life’s ups and downs? What if all the voices of doubt, fear, worry, or other stressful thoughts were gently released? What if you had a supportive community and personal coach to help you identify and make the incremental changes you needed in order to climb over the hurdles you repeatedly run up against? How would this impact your life?


Here’s How the 30-day Journey Works

Change happens naturally as old paradigms are replaced by healthy routines and a renewed perspective. Divided into four weeks, you will be given specific physical exercises, recipes, and daily communications of support and inspiration to train your body, mind, heart, and spirit. This amazing program includes:

  • A “Daily Practice” with focused attention on developing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • An E-guidebook that you can print out outlining the entire program.
  • Weekly live group coaching sessions with Carol Gutzeit to help keep you on track with your commitments and give you an opportunity to talk with others going through the program, plus a fifth bonus coaching session on the last day for support going forward.
  • Physical exercises to develop strength, flexibility, endurance and energy.
  • The 75-minute Satori Yoga class on DVD or as a digital download.
  • Daily Satori Wisdom and Good Morning Yoga email messages of inspiration.
  • Recipes and foods recommended by Celebrity Chef Melissa Costello, author of “The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook: 125+ Recipes for a Fit, Happy, Healthy You,” for fueling your body, feeding your brain, nourishing your heart, and freeing your spirit.
  • Helpful tips and lifestyle wisdom from fitness icon Kathy Smith with discounts on her products and ReShape program.
  • Rewards at the end of 30 days with gifts ranging in value from $75 to $125!

One of the Top 10 “Hottest” Chefs of 2011 Author, Speaker, Culinary Nutritionist and Founder of Karma Chow

Touted as one of the Top Ten “Hottest” Chefs of 2011, Melissa Costello has always had a passion for nutrition and healthy eating. Laden with multiple illnesses as a child, Melissa started to use food as medicine to help heal herself. After becoming a vegetarian at age 19, she began experimenting with healthier versions of everyday recipes while learning how food can be used as a source of healing and fuel. Her keep-it-simple approach to nutrition has created a large following for her and her business, Karma Chow. Featured in TV Guide’s, “Secrets of the Hollywood Body” and CNBC’s, “How I Made My Millions” along with Fitness Guru Tony Horton, Melissa will provide you with nutritional support and will participate in the coaching calls led by Carol Gutzeit.

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CAROL GUTZEIT Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Destination Satori, LLC and Creator of the "30-Day Journey to Awakening."

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Destination Satori, LLC and Creator of the “30-Day Journey to Awakening.”

Carol’s journey began over 20 years ago when she was a fitness professional and competitive athlete. While recuperating from an injury, she realized that her own life was out of balance and started investigating ways to realign her physical with her mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. A sudden awakening (Satori) compelled her to create the Satori Lifestyle Program that has helped thousands of people and is the focus of Destination Satori today. Carol has been a highly sought after speaker and has taught this program to people at dozens of government agencies, universities, health clubs, destination resort spas, and corporations such as Pitney Bowes, Verifone, UPS, and Ampol among others. The 30-day Program is the result of her book “Satori Lifestyle Fitness: A Return to Balance, Wholeness, Harmony & Freedom,” and the coaching, retreats and certification training in Satori Yoga and Satori Lifestyle Coaching she has offered over the years.



Endorsed by Fitness Expert KATHY SMITH
“I love Satori because it’s about living life in a more balanced way. It’s a great way to stay connected physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

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