Group Coaching

Following a seminar, webinar, or keynote presentation, an online group coaching program is led by Destination Satori Founder Carol Gutzeit to support the development of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity, strength, and balance.

30 Days to a Balanced Life: An Online Group Coaching Program
with Carol Gutzeit

Change happens naturally as old paradigms are replaced by healthy routines and a renewed perspective. Divided into four weeks and supported by guest experts in the fields of nutrition and exercise, you will be given specific physical exercises, recipes, and daily communications of support and inspiration to train your body, mind, heart, and spirit. COST: $179 per person

16-week Individual Coaching

To truly transform your life from its present state where you may be experiencing stress, doubt, fear or worry on a regular basis, we recommend the 16-week coaching program. Divided into four parts – Physical Balance, Mental Wholeness, Emotional Harmony, and Spiritual Freedom – the 16-week program aligns and balances your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions in order to address specific issues and move you past them to a new dynamic. You will have the support of a personal coach to offer a safe environment for exploring your core beliefs around money, relationships, self-worth, health, and fitness, among others, and give you the tools to set up a daily practice to manage your physical and mental energy productively, break old patterns and release blocked energy that may be keeping you stuck in past experiences or afraid of future uncertainty. Satori is the only coaching program that has its own yoga practice to support your total well-being. Coaching can be done in person or by phone or skype and includes workbook. COST: $1,200 ($300/month) or $1,100 if paid in full

32-week Individual Coaching and Coach Development Program

This begins with the 16-week coaching program and then another 16-weeks to train to become a coach and you are mentored by Carol Gutzeit to work with a practice client. Manual, book and DVD included. COST: $4,000 ($500/month)

8-week Group Coaching

Experience all of the practices of our 16-week coaching program in a group setting held at your location. Includes workbook. COST: $155/per person 7 person minimum required.

SATORI LIVING: How to Create a Balanced Life That You Love and Satori Yoga DVDs are available for participants to purchase. Bulk discounts are available.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment, email or call (303) 601-1654.