Are you ready to create the life you want? Satori Lifestyle Coaching will help you create clarity, set intentions, identify core beliefs, eliminate blocks, strengthen a new perspective, and align your body, mind, heart, and spirit to achieve a desired outcome.

How does Satori Lifestyle Coaching differ from other coaching programs?

Satori provides a safe environment for exploring core beliefs around money, relationships, self-worth, health and well-being, among others. It gives you the tools to set up a daily practice to manage your physical and mental energy productively, break old patterns and release blocked energy that may be keeping you stuck in past experiences or afraid of future uncertainty.  It is the only coaching program that has its own yoga practice to support you in a total wellness environment. Satori also provides you with a supportive community of people you can turn to when confusion or fear distract you from living authentically, with love and ease.

For your convenience, the coaching program can be completed by phone, online, or in person to suit your particular needs and geographical location. To get started, click here to take a brief assessment and receive a FREE introductory coaching session.

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“Satori Yoga and Satori Coaching provide me with an invaluable perspective on my own life, and undoubtedly help me tap into the loving kindness necessary to enjoy every experience and interaction.”          - Matthew Walsh, Principal, Evergreen High School