Satori Yoga DVD

Satori Yoga is available on DVD for those who wish to practice in the privacy of their home or office. The 75-minute class is divided into four parts to get you shape in all areas of your life. Each section can be done in sequence or separately by clicking on the chapter you wish to practice. They include: Energetics for the body, Masterminding for the mind, Emotionalizing for the heart, and Innercises for the spirit.

physical cover ENERGETICS includes breathing exercises, yoga, self-massage and deep relaxation as a way to reduce stress and increase energy.
mental cover MASTERMINDING teaches the mental exercises of Reflection, Visualization, Expanding and Focusing as a way to shape your life.
emotional cover EMOTIONALIZING combines the Five Tibetan Rites with Awareness, Releasing, Enhancing and Expression exercises as a daily tune-up for your chakras and emotions.
spiritual cover INNERCISES offers a meditation for the western mind that includes Acceptance, Trust, Gratitude and Unconditional Love as a way to stay connected to a higher source of wisdom and guidance.

Two-Minute Preview

Satori Yoga DVD $19.95